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Caution: As many people have warned, it is easy to buy a pair of Texas Longhorns and wake up with 40 or more head before you know it. It's not that you can't sell them; its that you won't want to.

After a drought in 2007, Ron Campbell, my mom Betty Smith Harris, and I were rebuilding the commercial herd at Mom's ranch in Jack County, Texas. My brother had recently left the ranch and moved closer to the Barnett Shale oil and gas activity near Fort Worth.

It wasn't hard to convince Mom to let me add Texas Longhorns to the herd. After all, my dad, brother, and mother were Texas Exes, forever devoted to the iconic Bevo. A trusted rancher friend confirmed that his Longhorn cows were good mamas and easy to handle. So that fall, we headed up to the annual Wildlife Refuge sale near Lawton, Oklahoma and brought home two weanling heifers.

Today Ron and I can't deny our addiction to Longhorns. We have added genetics of many popular bloodlines to our herd, including our JP Rio Grande-Texana Van Horne son Colorado Texa, Starliner, Gunman, Iron Mike ST, Hunts Command Respect, Maximus ST, Coach, and Chuckwagon. We continuously work to develop healthy, marketable cattle that will produce valuable offspring for their owners over many years. features animals we are offering for sale and key herd members. Check the Calves page for the latest Colorado Texa offspring. As new breeders, we have kept several steers to watch horn and confirmation development. You'll find a selection aged 8 to 1 years on our Steers Page. The History section describes more about our family and the history of the Smith-Harris Century Ranch. The Links page shares sources and information that we found helpful on our Longhorn journey. Use the Contact Us page to send us your comments and to contact us about sales of animals and semen.

Welcome to our site. We hope you will check in on us often and begin a Longhorn journey of your own.

- Rhonda Harris

Dawn Leigh with 2012 bull calf  LLL Max's Cadence with Twang GH  Heart Throb GH