Photo courtesy of TLBAA
 Dude ST brought home two seconds and a third-place ribbon from the
2012 Horn Showcase. He was puppy-dog gentle with TTT of 70.5 Inches at 39 months.

Texas Longhorn Breeders of America
TLBAA is the original Texas Longhorn breed registry. The HORNS system provides online information about registered animals and Longhorn breeders.

International Texas Longhorn Association A breed registry headquartered in Glen Rose, Texas. Co-sponsors the Longhorn Extravaganza.

Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Association  A breed registry dedicated to preservation of Texas Longhorns in the confirmation and coloration found in the herds that went up the trail in the 19th century. Registration is restricted to animals that pass a DNA test for breed purity.

Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance
  The TLMA is not a breed registry but exists to promote the breed. TLMA operates eLonghorn Sales, hosts the Legacy Sale, and co-hosts the Longhorn Extravaganza with ITLA.